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Mahashakti Foundation

Join us in spreading healthy positive energy throughout our community – create an attitude of gratitude!

Through your contributions and our wonderful teachers, The MAHASHAKTI FOUNDATION can reach out to many different populations ensuring more productive and dynamic lifestyles by sharing the power of yoga, music, and meditation.


Your Support Goes To

Free yoga programs and festivals for everyone – Making yoga, music and fun accessible for all and raising money for future programs.

  • Yoga programs for underprivileged children, retirees and juvenile offenders.
  • Donated classes for the unemployed, disabled and mentally impaired.



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Why We Are Different

We listen to local studios and teachers and take applications for our projects and programs.

Please contact us if you’d like an application for our Foundation to support your program.

We support with yogas mats, props, and other necessary supplies but most importantly, we focus on getting payment to our instructors for their time spent on our life changing programs.


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Contribute Today

Call Directors Kelly at 704.756.9245, or Keith at 561.703.1236 to inquire about donating today.  

You may also contact us to request a program scholarship.  

MahaShakti Foundation  is a 501(c)(3) organization organized under Florida State Law.  

Contributions are tax deductible.


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